Meet the Dates

Meet the beautiful ladies who make 50 Dates 50 States possible! Here you can find out who’s representing your state, read a little bit about them and of course… give them a follow on Instagram or TikTok! 

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Meet Marin from Birmingham, Alabama!

Marin studied Marketing in school and currently works with her family at Points West Community Bank.

Marin has a passion for sports and being active which is no surprise since she was always involved with athletics growing up. She continues to be active by working out and when she has the time, go skiing. 

BUT, Marin spends time on other things besides sports and fitness. She also enjoys reading, writing and hanging out with her friends.



Meet Maddelynn from Anchorage, Alaska!

Maddelynn STRIVES in the world of fitness and activity. She is constantly balancing her workout routines between running, rock climbing, and cycling!

When Maddelynn isn’t working out she is at her job at Southcentral Foundation Fireweed Dental or keeping busy in school where she is studying Applied Science in Nursing.



Meet Tera from Scottsdale, Arizona!

Tera is all about making memories! She always finds herself out having a good time with friends and good company! 

Tera knows that the world isn’t meant to be lived in one place so she always likes to be on the move! She’s lived in numerous places like Phoenix, Denver, Nashville and North Dakota!



Meet Annelize from Jonesboro, Arkansas!

Annelize is heavily involved with the film industry where she does freelance videography and studies Creative Media Production with an emphasis in Audio/Video Production.

The world of Film brings a spark and desire to Annelize. She loves how this is a place where she can entertain, tell stories, and make people laugh.

Outside of film, Annelize enjoys numerous activities like listening to music, dancing, traveling, connecting with family and most importantly… Binge watching True Crime stories on YouTube.



Meet Sami from Lemoore, California!

Sami has grown up in California her whole life and loves it! She currently goes to school in L.A. for elementary education and plays soccer where she’s a defender!

That’s not only the fun and interesting thing about Sami. She’s also a triplet and has a total of 5 siblings! When Sami isn’t playing soccer or spending time with her family, she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and practicing her faith.



Meet Taylor from Highlands Ranch, Colorado!

Taylor is currently a full time student where she studies Advertising with a minor in Legal Studies. Taylor’s major and minor isn’t the whole thing that keeps her occupied in school. She also competes as a student athlete, where she’s on the Oregon Ducks Cheer Team!

When Taylor’s not cheering on the Ducks or studying in the classroom she’s always making new memories by cooking, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family. 



Meet Caitrin from Wilton, Connecticut!

Caitrin is always keeping herself busy by being a Sport and Exercise Psychology Major along with working over in West Virginia at the Code Bar and Lounge.

Sport and Exercise Psychology is the perfect major for Caitrin because she is always looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. She’s constantly looking to better herself by building connections, developing strong relationships and educating herself on a daily basis. 



Meet Lexi from Dewey Beach, Delaware!

Lexi is a girl who’s always on her feet. From working at Buffalo Wild Wings, to golfing, to modeling, she stays busy and very active.

Outside of her busy and active lifestyle, Lexi enjoys watching pageants, spending time with her dog London, and drinking chocolate milk… specifically YOO-HOO.




Meet Dylan from Miami, Florida!

Dylan is currently studying Elementary Education at the University of Miami. One day, Dylan wants the satisfaction of hearing her students say that she is their favorite teacher!

Dylan has multiple hobbies and LOVES the Florida lifestyle. She enjoys going to the beach, shopping, listening to music and of course participating in her  boxing class on campus!



Meet Meikaela from Kennesaw, Georgia!

Meikaela is very passionate about helping people which is why she is currently in school studying Public Health.

A lot of Meikaela’s time is taken up by school but when she does have free time she loves to adventure around Atlanta, hang out with her friends and read.



Meet Cathryn from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Cathryn STRIVES in the Hawaii atmosphere. She loves to explore new places on the island, go on adventurous hikes, surf the waves, snorkel along the shore and of course swim. She’s never alone though. Cathryn’s usually accompanied by her friends or beloved dog – Morty.

Cathryn just finished her masters in elementary education and is about dive into being a kindergarten teacher where she’s looking forward to saying “Aloha” to her students every morning.



Meet Molly from Boise, Idaho!

Molly is always ready to let the good times roll. She likes to live by rockin to your own beat and making memories along the way and that’s exactly what she does!

Molly lives it up by snowboarding, camping, wakeboarding, long boarding or straight up chillin at the lake.




Meet Gabi from Chicago, Illinois!

Gabi is really involved in the world of fitness. She loves working out, cooking healthy meals, playing volleyball for her university and working at Xsport Fitness.

Outside of the fitness world Gabi loves to draw/paint, be adventurous and travel, and of course have fun with all of her friends and family!



Meet Reyna from Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Reyna lives life with incredible passion! She currently works at Faith Lutheran Preschool and Childcare which is perfect since she finds so much joy in God and her faith.

Not only is Reyna passionate about her work and faith but also her family, traveling, and Equality in America! 



Meet Jescie from Muscatine, Iowa!

Jescie keeps herself busy with her list of hobbies which include drawing, painting, photography, shopping, and hanging out with friends.

Aside from Jescie’s hobbies she is currently in school where she majors in Interdepartmental Business Studies with an Emphasis in Art.



Meet Briana from Pittsburg, Kansas!

Are you ready to hear what Briana is studying in college? Well it’s, Graphics and Imaging Technology with an emphasis in web design and graphic design… How’s that for a major!

Anyways, outside of school, Briana finds herself involved with fashion and makeup which is perfect since she works at Marshalls. Briana’s other hobbies include painting and photography.



Meet Nickie from Louisville, Kentucky!

In school, Nickie studied Occupational Science and will shortly be attending Occupational Therapy school!

When Nickie has free time she loves to help play a part in The Molly Johnson Foundation and help children with special needs.

Nickie also has a full list of hobbies that include visiting friends at different colleges, binge watching Netflix, rereading the Harry Potter novels and playing Xbox.



Meet Gracie from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Gracie’s a very smart girl that studies Civil Engineering at LSU!

Not only does Gracie stay sharp in school but also in her personal life where she is constantly trying to grow to become the best version of herself.

When Gracie has free time she enjoys dancing, working out, going to LSU Football games and having nights out with the girls!



Meet Makayla from Caribou, Maine!

Makayla loves the calm atmosphere of Maine! Moving from Caribou to Gorham she has been able to meet new friends along the way while keeping in touch with her friends and family back home!

Makayla spends most of her time playing with her dog Nash, painting, and studying social and behavioral science with a focus in early childhood in school.



Meet Lauren from Millersville, Maryland!

Lauren keeps busy since she has a full time job as a nanny and is a full time student studying Family & Human Services. 

When Lauren catches a break she loves to read, travel, and watch movies and TV Shows! Lauren is also very passionate when it comes to politics and social justice issues because she wants everyone to be treated with equity in order for them to be the best versions of themselves!



Meet Kayla from Lowell, Massachusetts!

Kayla is currently in school at the University of Massachusetts where she is studying nursing. Nursing is the perfect career choice for Kayla since she has a passion for helping people heal and get better!

Outside of nursing, Kayla stays active by going to the gym and spending time on the beach. She also loves to make new memories by spending lots of time with her friends and family.



Meet Casey from Harbor Springs, Michigan!

Casey LOVES to be involved in the social world and stays busy with her hobbies and interests!

When she’s not hanging out with friends you can expect Casey to be painting, swimming, and skiing/snowboarding.

Casey also finds passion and interest for all the social movements across America. Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights, and the LCBTQ community are all things Casey stays closely connected to!




Meet Skylar from Alden, Minnesota!

Skylar is currently finishing up grad school for Sport Management where earlier in her schooling career she majored in Film and Media Studies, Communication, and Coaching.

Skylar has a huge passion for the world of sports and wants to continue to make it more diverse. She is also working towards making a change in hockey culture and has began working on building a non profit for the LatinX hockey community.



Meet Kenzie from Hattiesburg, Mississippi!

Kenzie currently works as a nurse at a Pediatric Clinic. She enjoys helping others and is passionate about learning more and more on Clinical Psychology.

Like most people from Mississippi, Kenzie loves her Ole Miss Football! Not only does Kenzie love football, but also enjoys traveling, shopping, being outside and spending time with her friends and her dog – Izzy Mae!



Meet Ali from Springfield, Missouri!

Ali loves living her best life. She is always doing things that constantly make her laugh and smile such as singing in the shower, listening to music in the car with the windows down, and soaking up the sun at the lake. 

Outside of her normal routine of working at Beauty View Resort and studying to be a nurse, Ali is always trying to do new things whether that’s painting, traveling or with her friends and family.




Meet CeCe from Billings, Montana!

CeCe LOVES the Montana lifestyle! She’s always catching herself exploring new places and hanging out with friends at new restaurants and bars.

CeCe really enjoys being around both her family and friends which is why she likes to occasionally go back and forth from Billings to Bozeman to make sure she’s spending time with the one’s she cares about most.



Meet Chayna from Omaha, Nebraska!

Chayna studied to be a Dental Assistant in college where she just applied for a job at the best Ortho office in town!

Chayna has numerous hobbies that include boating with her family, going to beauty pageants, having movie nights, and going on spontaneous adventures! 



Meet Victoria from Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Victoria lives a busy lifestyle working at Texas Roadhouse and being a Psychology major. Lately, Victoria’s found interest in self discovery where she’s living life to the fullest with good vibes only. 

While she’s catching those good vibes, Victoria loves to stay active! You can most likely catch her fishing, hiking, or being outdoors anytime she can!

New Hampshire


Meet Eryn from New Hampshire!

Eryn finds joy in teaching and helping others. To no surprise she has 2 jobs that do just that! She works at Bright Horizon’s where she’s a toddler teacher and at Holy Family Hospital where she’s a nurse assistant.

When Eryn’s not a work she likes to spend time doing things that interest her like yoga, dancing, painting, and hiking.

New Jersey


Meet CeCe from Kinnelon, New Jersey!

CeCe stays occupied day to day by keeping to her studies as an engineering student. Not only does she stay busy with school but also at work, where she’s a server at Pompton Queen Diner!

When CeCe isn’t working or tending to her studies she enjoys traveling, fitness and cooking. 

New Mexico


Meet Belle from Las Cruces, New Mexico!

Belle studied Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism management in school where she applied herself greatly and is now the Director of Sales for a big hotel chain.

Belle finds herself enjoying some of her favorite hobbies which include traveling, hiking, hunting, two-stepping, going to the gym and watching movies!

New York


Meet Sidnye from Manhattan, New York!

Sidnye works as a Brand Representative for Abercombie and Fitch and is currently studying Business Communications at Baruch College.

When Sidnye isn’t working or studying she finds joy in some of her hobbies! Some of which include fashion, traveling, social media, and being with her friends! Sidnye, is also very passionate about mental health awareness and advocating the importance of teen mental health. 

North Carolina


Meet Mariah from Greenville, North Carolina!

Mariah’s a girl filled with fun! When she’s not working in the marketing world she loves singing, going on hikes with her dog, and eating at the best pizza place in town… Michelangelo’s.

Check out more about Mariah on her Instagram and TikTok where she spreads her fun loving humor and character!

North Dakota


Meet Samantha from Grand Forks, North Dakota!

Sam keeps to a busy schedule where she has 2 jobs and is working on finishing up school. She is currently studying Graphic Design with a minor in Communication and works at Center Innovation along with a Brewing Company.

When Sam gets the time to have fun she likes to travel, snowboard, do photography, and wakeboard.



Meet Avery from Ohio!

Avery is a gal with many interests! She attends a Liberal Arts School where she grasped to figure drawing and painting. She also enjoys listening to music and spending time with her family.

When Matt posted their virtual date highlights on TikTok, the 50 Dates 50 States community loved complimenting Avery’s laugh and her cool dad Jeff.



Meet Montana from Empire, Oklahoma!

After graduating college with a business and marketing degree, Montana landed a job as an outside Sales Rep for a cleaning and sanitization company. 

When she’s not at work, Montana is the definition of an active gal! She loves to going to the gym, golfing, going out with friends and playing with her dog Emmitt!



Meet Maisy from Clatskanie, Oregon!

Maisy is active on the social media world and LOVES making TikToks! She’s been notorious for making fun videos at the golf course she works at – Longview Country Club.

When Maisy isn’t making TikToks or golfing you can catch her Shopping at Trader Joe’s, snowboarding, long-boarding, and cooking!



Meet Madison from Douglassville, Pennsylvania!

Madison is highly motivated in helping others which is why she studies Kinesiology-Movement Science in college.

She feels an enormous amount of gratitude that she gets to play a part in watching others overcome and achieve their goals.

Outside of the Physical Therapy world Madison loves to play volleyball, go on hikes, paddle board and camp.

Rhode Island


Meet Hannah from Pawtucket, Rhode Island!

Hannah has always had a passion for animals, specifically horses. Hannah competes nationally in the AA circuit and is always try to better herself by consistently horse back riding to see where it can take her down the road!

Outside of taking care of her horses Hannah loves to play tennis, take pictures, and be involved with fitness.

South Carolina


Meet Sofia from Columbia, South Carolina!

Sofia is involved in the social work lifestyle and has a strong care for people. She is very passionate about Dance Marathon, a Child Life Program that she plays an active role in.

When Sofia’s got some free time she’s always looking to have fun which typically involves exploring and playing with her dog Goose.


South Dakota


Meet Emily from Yankton, South Dakota!

Emily has a big heart and is passionate about helping people! She just graduated college with a biology degree and is now a cancer research assistant! 

When Emily has free time she loves to have FUN in the SUN! Any chance she gets she enjoys going to the river or lake in Yankton to be on the boat, go tubing or to catch some rays.

When she’s not soaking up the sun you can catch her dancing, hiking, and spending time with her friends!




Meet Lauren from Brentwood, TN!

Lauren attended the University of Mississippi (aka Ole Miss) where she studied finance! She just graduated and is currently on the hunt to find the right job for her! In the meantime, Lauren helps nanny and is a hostess at a restaurant in Nashville!

Lauren also has lots of hobbies! Some of which include exploring new places in Nashville, going to cities she’s never been to, and hanging out with friends! 



Meet Alerah from Stephenville, Texas!

Alerah finds passion through her school work and tumbling. She is currently study Crimal Justice and is on the Cheer Team in college.

Alerah lives an active and adventurous lifestyle outside of school where she finds herself consistently working out, practicing gymnastics, and hiking.



Meet Kamree from Cedar City, Utah!

Kamree lives a busy life where she balances her time between 2 jobs and school. She is studying nursing and currently works at Cedar City Hospitality and Brad’s Food Hut. Which by the way, she claims to be AMAZING.

When Kamree get’s some free time she loves going on 4-wheeler rides, fishing, shooting, baking and participating in sports, specifically volleyball.



Meet Colby from Pittsford, Vermont!

Colby is currently in school where she is studying Psychology and Health Sciences. It’s a fitting degree for Colby since she enjoys making others happy. Colby does this on a daily basis at her job where she works in Private Hospice for people with Alzheimer’s.

When Colby’s not working she likes to keep herself entertained by traveling, skiing, hiking, playing lacrosse and hockey and most importantly… eating great food!



Meet Olivia from Virginia!

Olivia hits the books hard in school and strives to be on national TV as meteorologist one day. 

Olivia is also very active in her sorority where she loves spending time with her sorority sisters, being active on campus and meeting people on a day to day basis!



Meet Niharika from Kirkland, Washington!

Niharika is passionate about serving her community and has a strong heart for the youth. She wants others to know that they are seen and truly loved everyday. It warms Niharika’s heart when she see’s others value their worth and have hopes for their future.

Caring for her community and youth isn’t Niharika’s only interests though. She also loves to visit coffee shops, go on runs, take naps, watch Love Island, and go on occasional drives to watch the sunset.

West Virginia


Meet Morgan from Morgantown, West Virginia!

Morgan went to high school with Matt in Montana but ended up moving to West Virginia to go to WVU School of Medicine where she studies Cell Biology and Neuroscience.

Morgan likes to stay active where she is always either cycling, going on hikes, or cross country skiing.

Aside from the classroom and fitness Morgan likes to read, bake and spend time with her cat Halo.



Meet Natalia from Madison, Wisconsin!

Natalia really enjoys the Wisconsin lifestyle! She likes experiencing all 4 seasons and of course the delicious cheese! 

Aside from her love of Wisconsin, Natalia has many other interests and hobbies such as – Having Marvel movie marathons, playing pickle ball and spending more time on TikTok than she probably should.

Natalia just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she got her bachelors degree in Nursing! Soon she will be heading off to Chicago where she accepted a full time job as a Nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.



Meet Emily from Laramie, Wyoming!

Emily just graduated college this fall with a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotions. 

Emily fits her degree perfectly because her passion is helping people improve their fitness and overall health.

Outside of her career Emily enjoys going on hikes, camping, playing sports and going out with friends.