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News & TV

Listen to Matt chat about if he has any favorite dates in Season 2, how he wants to compete with “The Bachelor” and even play a fun on air game with Cheddar News in New York! 

Matt and his Season 2 Maryland date hop on the morning show to chat about their upcoming date, the date application and all things 50 Dates 50 States! Watch now!

Listen to Matt’s first studio interview in Season 2 where he sits down and talks about the upcoming season and how it got to this point!

Listen to Matt’s catch up with Amber and Michael from the Studio 701 Team on his Season 2 adventure!

Matt chatted with the New England news about his whole adventure and how he plans to get to Hawaii and Alaska! Check it out here!

Watch Matt wrap up his journey on his 50th date in his home state of Montana!

Listen to Matt’s interview and check out the amazing story News Nation did on Matt and his 50 Dates 50 States journey!

Check out Matt on the nightly news in Las Vegas with his date Victoria!

Check out the AWESOME story that covers the 50 Dates 50 States journey and all those frequently asked questions!

Check out Matt and his date Olivia on the news in Blacksburg Virginia!

Matt and his West Virginia date went to high school together! Watch them reunite in this West Virginia News Story!

Check out Matt’s interview about how his journey is going with the Louisville News in Kentucky!

Watch Matt and his Vermont date Colby interview with the local news the day before their date!

Watch Matt share some dating advice and get ready for his 40th date on the news in Fort Wayne Indiana! 

Tune in as Matt says Aloha from Hawaii on his 47th date!

A German News crew flew in from New York to document Matt’s date in Michigan. Check out the professional story that aired across Germany! 

Studio 701 likes to check in on Matt throughout his journey! Check out the first time they checked in with Matt in this Zoom interview!

Studio 701 Interview 2 on Matt’s updated journey!

Studio 701 Interview 3 on Matt’s updated journey! 

Check out Matt’s first new’s interview about 50 Dates 50 States when it all started virtually! 

Podcast Appearances


Matt chatted with RYAN SEACREST about his 50 Dates 50 States journey! Listen to hear some of the questions he asked and the dates he quizzed Matt on!

Listen to Matt chat with Ben and Kelly on the radio with his Season 2 Kentucky date Jayde about their date in Louisville!

Listen to Matt and his Massachusetts date Kayla chat with Jeff Derderian from Boston about their date in Massachusetts!

Listen to Matt talk about heading to Alaska and updates on his journey with KBEAR from Alaska!

Listen to Matt talk about his journey on the Canadian Radio show with Orlena and Sean!

Matt chats with Kendal Crawford from 93.5 in Iowa right before his departure across the US. Listen here!

THROWBACK! Listen to Matt talk about his virtual dating experience with Andi Ahne from Y93 in North Dakota when 50 Dates 50 States first started!

Written Articles

Watch Matt’s appearance on GOOD MORING DC be featured on Yahoo News!

In this Kentucky Article, read about Matt’s dating experience in Kentucky and how 50 Dates 50 States started!

A big entertainment company highlighted Matt and his 50 Dates 50 States journey! Read all about it here!

A magazine in Los Angeles asked Matt about how risk taking played a part in his 50 Dates 50 States journey. Check out his response and more in this amazing article!

Matt’s first ever virtual date wrote an article about her experience and being part of 50 Dates 50 States. Read about it here!

Matt quit his full-time job working as the Director of FUN for a baseball team to take on 50 Dates 50 States full time. On his way out, the team wrote a farewell to Matt thanking him for his work and wishing him the best moving forward. Check it out!

The multimedia agency contacted Matt and wrote an article about his dating endeavor across the US. Check it out! 


Read about the 50 Dates 50 States journey on Z93 in Michigan!

The host of a radio station in Bismarck North Dakota called Matt his HERO for starting 50 Dates 50 States. Read the article here! 

Another radio station in Bismarck North Dakota wrote about Matt nearing the end of his 50 Dates 50 States experience.

A News Journal in Delaware wrote an article about dating during a Pandemic and featured a dedicate section of the article to 50 Dates 50 States! Check it out!