Meet the Dates (Season 2)

Meet the Season 2 dates! These girls are who make 50 Dates 50 States possible! Here you can find out who’s representing your state, read a little bit about them and of course… give them a follow on Instagram!

Click on a state on the map below to jump to the girl from that state or scroll through and check them all out!

Meet the girls who make 50 Dates 50 States possible! Here you can find out who’s representing your state, read a little bit about them and of course… give them a follow on Insta or TikTok! 

Click on a state on the map below to jump to the girl from that state!



Meet Crissy from Florence, Alabama!

Crisanta is a bartender at 2 different bars in Florence. Aside from bartending she stays busy in school, majoring in Social Work. Crisanta inspiration behind social work is that she wants to be able to make a positive impact on people’s lives and help those out around her.

Outside of school and work, Crisanta enjoys playing tennis, drawing, skateboarding and hiking.



Meet Haley from Wasilla, Alaska!

Haley crushes it at her job where she is the owner of a wedding videography business! Sure, can Haley videograph any wedding? Absolutely. BUT her primary focus is with larger weddings and destination weddings! 

Haley’s work fits her perfectly since she is very passionate about entrepreneurship, social media marketing and of course videography!

When Haley isn’t working Haley likes to take the time to weight lift, roller skate, travel and eat some good Mexican food or Sushi!



Meet Tessa from Phoenix, Arizona!

Tessa is currently a senior in college where she is studying Psychology. After college Tessa wants to focus her time and attention in helping kids get the love and support they need whether that is through social work or therapy. She would love to improve the home lives of children or help children improve their mental health and habits.

Aside from her passion with kids, Tessa has a lot of things she likes to spend her time doing. Some of which include walking her dog, doing photoshoots with friends, journaling, bingeing TV shows and traveling.




Meet Harley from Jonesboro, Arkansas!

Harley is a small town girl who loves the outdoors. Growing up in the country she developed a love for hunting, fishing, going to the lake, tanning and exploring new places. 

Aside from her love of the outdoors she also stays busy working where she works at Crumbl Cookie and also manages a duck calling business. Harley wants to make sure that whatever the future has in store that she never gives up on what lies ahead.




WELCOME BACK Sami from Lemoore, California!

Sami has now been part of Season 1 AND Season 2 where she has represented California as the date! 

Sami currently lives in the LA area where she is about finished with college. She loves living in California because of the beaches, people, food and good vibes!

When Sami has time she likes to travel, hang out with her family, create content, run through the library on campus and enjoy a delicious margarita in the California sun.



Meet Lu from Denver, Colorado!

Lu graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. She is currently working in Denver as a Marketing Coordinator for Tech. 

Lu has a deep passion for helping and empowering immigrants in the US. Especially children of immigrants. Lu and her family went through quite the process when coming from Brazil to the US and due to that experience, Lu’s goal is to facilitate change for immigrants to allow them to have both their at home culture and US culture while being a US citizen.

Aside from Lu’s passions and work, she likes to go hiking, skiing, check out different breweries, camp, travel and eat new food!



Meet Ashley from Bristol, Connecticut!

Ashley is as smart as they come. She was the only girl in her family to graduate from college and she did it in an impressive fashion. She studied Media and Communications while getting a Masters Degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Not only that but she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at American University in Washington, DC.

Ashley has a huge passion to learn about people and places. She has a deep care to make a positive change in familial and local communities and beyond. Since she is Polish, she also has a big passion about educating those on Polish history and its culture.



Meet Brittany from Wilmington, Delaware!

Brittany has a handful of things that she loves to spend time doing. Cooking, watching the sunset, hanging with friends and family and maybe the most important thing – making charcuterie boards! 

Brittany graduated in 2021 from Mercyhurst University where she studied Intelligence Studies. She now works as an Analyst and loves to help and inspire those around her.




Meet Emily from Orlando, Florida!

Emily has been bartending for 6 years and absolutely LOVES it! She enjoys the process of creating and after developing a passion for bartending she’d like to open up her own bar one day.

Not only is Emily big on bartending but she also loves kids. She loves being about to teach them about life, see them form their own personalities and watch them grow into their own beings.

Emily’s interests include fishing, being anywhere on the water and snacking on some snow crab legs.



Meet Bailey from Atlanta, Georgia!

Bailey is very passionate about working with people who have special needs. She works with a local ministry targeted to teach children with disabilities about their love for themselves and also God. One of Bailey’s favorite things she got to be part of was helping coach a special needs baseball team. Her ultimate goal is to make sure everyone’s lives are celebrated.

On top of her passion, Bailey also works as a substitute teacher and track coach at a local Prep School along with being a Sunday School teacher. 

When Bailey has the time to relax she finds herself going on runs, being outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.



Meet Olivia from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Olivia graduated from Penn State in 2020 where she majored in Communications and minored in International and Global Studies. She is constantly trying to make positive changes in her lifestyle and so one day she said  “You know what, I’m moving to Hawaii” and is thriving!

Living in Hawaii, Olivia works at a Velocity Dealership. When she isn’t working she loves to explore the island and keep herself entertained by going on hikes, working out, going to the beach, surfing, cooking, reading and shopping!



Meet Shaunie from Boise, Idaho!

Shaunie LOVES to be active! Whether that’s attending Spin Class, adventuring on a hike, going on 10 mile run or hitting up the gym, she’s always finding some way to stay in shape! 

Outside of her love being active Shaunie works as a Nurse in Boise and has multiple hobbies! Some of which include boating with her friends, eating peanut butter and exploring new towns.



Meet Cassidy from Willowbrook, Illinois!

Cassidy graduated from the University of Alabama and received a Bachelors degree in Human Environmental Sciences with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. After graduating she attended Loyola University Chicago where she just graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

Cassidy is a girl who is passionate about helping others and wants to make a difference in the world. Since graduating school Cassidy is working a side job as a teacher/taking care of kids until she becomes a licensed nurse. 

Aside from her passions, schooling and work Cassidy enjoys an array of hobbies like playing volleyball, being outdoors, tubing, wakeboarding, and spending time with friends and family.



Meet Makena from Bloomington, Indiana!

Makena goes to school at Indiana University and is currently double majoring in English and Philosophy. Come summer, Makena will start IU’s Master’s program where she will obtain an MS in Information Systems through the Kelley School of Business.

Aside from school, Makena has a love for animals. She rescued her current dog, Jack from a local shelter and donates regularly to the Humane Society.



Meet Kailey from Iowa City, Iowa!

Kailey is an Iowa girl at heart! Growing up in Iowa Kailey loves to cheer on the hawks, go out with friends and of course drink Busch Light!

When Kailey isn’t chugging a Busch Light she works as a social media marketer and goes to school where she is studying Entrepreneurship. Fun Fact – Kailey had a video go viral on TikTok where she got over 38 million views!




Meet Ashley from Overland Park, Kansas!

Ashley loves working with kids! Especially when it comes to becoming a community based child therapist. She is currently in grad school in Chicago where she is studying Clinical Psychology and while being in school Ashley also stays busy by working at a restaurant and nannying.

Outside her passion for kids, Ashley loves to explore new cities, play volleyball with her friends, binge watch TV shows on Netflix, make vodka pasta and be the BIGGEST KU fan there is!



Meet Jayde from Lexington, Kentucky!

Jayde is a BIG sports gal! She’s played sports, watches sports, and is currently a sports reporter! She loves that the world of sports has its own community. She says that she’s made lots of great friends through sports and it’s rewarding that she’s been able to give local athletes great exposure through her stories on the news.

Aside from sports, Jayde loves going out with friends, hiking, snow skiing, working out, and spending time at the lake with her family.



Meet Kelly from New Orleans, Louisiana!

Kelly just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Coastal and Environmental Science. Soon she will be heading to Miami where she will be attending the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science to get her Masters in Marine Conservation. Kelly plans to use her degree to work in foreign policy after graduating.

Outside of school Kelly has a lot of things she enjoys doing. Some of those things include working out, attending music festivals, cooking, taking her dog for walks, listening to music and eating watermelon. Fun fact – Kelly loves watermelon so much that one year her parents got her a watermelon instead of cake for her birthday. The best part is, they even stuck candles in it.

One day Kelly wants to get her diving certification and would love to learn how to surf!



Meet Haillie from Burnham, Maine!

Haillie graduated in 2020 from Unity College in Maine with a Bachelors degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education while minoring in Environmental Education and Interpretation. Through her hard work in her degree she now works as a Seasonal Park Ranger at Lowell National Historical Park!

Haillie loves the outdoors! She believes that everyone should have some environmental education so they know what we can do to protect the earth and the wildlife that coexist with us. Tied to Haillie’s passion of the outdoors she loves to hike, fish, and travel!



Meet Ashley from Pikesville, Maryland!

Ashley lives a VERY busy life. She currently works a handful of part time jobs which include – Sales at LA Fitness, substitute teaching, lifeguard, and a softball coach. On top of that she is currently in school studying Sociology and Anthropology with a concentration in Criminal Justice.

When Ashley gets a chance to breathe she likes spending time doing some of her favorite hobbies which include – musical theatre, traveling, going to the beach, playing with her dogs and trying new food.



Meet Kate from Marshfield, Massachusetts!

Kate is currently a full time student in college studying Marketing. Aside from her studies Kate is always looking for new ways to be creative. She likes her creativity to roam free whether that’s in fashion, content, or design. 

When Kate finds time she likes to spend time participating in her favorite hobbies. Some of which include traveling, snowboarding, going to the beach and cooking. 



Meet Payton from Monroe, Michigan!

Payton is a full-time student studying Pre-Dental and Integrative Studies. She is also a student worker at Grand Valley State University Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Through her job, Payton gets to work towards diversity and inclusion which she is very passionate about. She loves giving those who may have an unheard voice and showing them that they matter.

Some of Payton’s hobbies include – dancing, singing, competing in the Miss America Organization and spending time with friends.



Meet Kjerstin from Mankato, Minnesota!

Have you ever met someone so busy in the air? Well, that’s Kjerstin. Kjerstin is a gal who is constantly traveling and seeing new parts of the world. To give you a reference, at just 21 years old Kjerstin has traveled to 35 countries and over 40 US States. She says her life goal is to hit every country in the world!

When Kjerstin’s not in the air traveling she’s usually in the air flying. Kjerstin went to school for Aviation and currently has her pilot’s license. Outside of flying, Kjerstin spends time with her cat Violet, watching and creating TikToks and staying busy by delivering DoorDash.



Meet Kara from Oxford, Mississippi!

Kara is currently attending school at Ole Miss where she is studying Integrated Marketing Communications and plans to graduate next year!

Outside of school Kara likes to spend her time traveling, hanging out with friends, singing Karaoke (specifically Downtown by Macklemore), being involved with social media and snacking on her favorite food – tacos!



Meet Sara from Columbia, Missouri!

Sara is currently a senior at the University of Missouri where she is studying Early Childhood Education. During the school year Sara works as a student teacher for kindergarteners but when summer hits, Sara heads back home where she works at a country club.

Sara likes to consider herself a passionate individual. She loves making everyone around her happy, teaching and shaping young minds and working towards becoming the best version of herself. Some of Sara’s hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, working out and going out on the town.




Meet Tavia from Townsend, Montana!

Tavia grew up in small town Montana where she developed a love for the outdoors. She’s a gal who loves to hike, fish and go to the lake to go wakesurfing! 

Outside of having fun in the sun Tavia is a full time student athlete. She currently plays basketball for Montana Tech while studying nursing. No matter what she is doing, Tavia loves to live life to the fullest!



Meet Courtney from Kearney, Nebraska!

Courtney is currently in college where she is pursuing a degree in Industrial Distribution. While being in school Courtney works as a secretary at the Lockmobile and is a server at the Fyre Modern Grill.

Outside of school and work Courtney finds herself hanging out with her friends and family, spending time outside, going on hikes, having bonfires and enjoying sunny days at the lake.




Meet Amanda from Las Vegas, Nevada!

Amanda is a a passionate gal who is determined to follow her dreams. She wants everyone to understand that if you have a dream or goal, go get it because it’s achievable! Amanda went to school for Business Management with a Minor in Accounting and Finance. After graduating Amanda landed herself a job where she currently works in the accounting and finance department for a Casino! 

Amanda’s hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, cooking, traveling and exploring!

New Hampshire


Meet Jaycie from Plymouth, New Hampshire!

Jaycie loves getting to know new people! She believes that with over 7 billion people in the world each interaction with someone is special and thinks that everyone she meets is for a reason. Not only does Jaycie have a passion for people but also ocean life in the New England area. 

Jaycie just graduated college with a degree in Business Management and likes to spend her time with her family on the beach, having some drinks and going on hikes.

New Jersey


Meet Cameron from New Brunswick, New Jersey!

Cam is currently in school at Rutgers University where she is studying Marketing and is on the Rutgers Dance Team. Outside of school Cam works for a Minor League Baseball Team and does campus tours here and there.

When Cam isn’t cheering on the sports teams, hitting the books or working, she likes to spend her time hanging out with friends, working out, doing yoga and enjoying some delicious tacos.

New Mexico


WELCOME BACK Belle! From Las Cruces, New Mexico!

Belle is also a returning date from Season 1 who has now represented New Mexico as the date 2 SEASONS IN A ROW!

Belle currently works as the Director of Sales for Marriott in Las Cruces. In the last year, Belle has really developed a love for body building and power lifting. She is always bettering herself by working out, going to the gym and trying to improve her Personal Records. 

Outside of work and the gym, Belle has a list of passions and hobbies. Some of which include traveling, spending time with her family, going to drag shows, supporting LGBTQ and Women’s Rights and eating some authentic Mexican food.

New York


Meet Alyssa from New York City, New York!

Alyssa loves the city life! She thinks New York City has so much to offer and enjoys the people, food and shopping it brings to the table!

Alyssa currently works in social media, specifically influencer marketing. Social media is a passion of Alyssa’s because it gives people a chance to show their lives, keep up to date with others and influence those around them.

North Carolina


Meet Olivia from Raleigh, North Carolina!

Olivia currently works at her Dad’s garden center, the Atlantic Gardening Company, where her responsibilities include a little bit of everything as she is trying to learn how to run the business. On top of that Olivia is also a server at a local tavern in town.

When Olivia isn’t working she’s most likely dancing. She is currently in Panoramic Dance Project at NC State and is minoring in dance. Her favorite styles of dancing are modern and contemporary but has trained in all sorts of different styles.

Outside of dancing, Olivia loves staying active by mountain biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. 

North Dakota


Meet Madeline from Bismarck, North Dakota!

Mady attended college at North Dakota State University where her and Matt originally met. Mady just started a new job where she works as a Product Training Specialist at a Bobcat Company in Fargo.

When Mady isn’t working she finds passion in health and fitness. Mady says it helps give her an escape, clear her mind and makes her feel better within. Not only does she have a passion for health and fitness but also music. She loves to really listen to the lyrics to get the full meaning behind them. 

Some other hobbies of Madeline’s include snowboarding, yoga, attending concerts and spending time with friends and family at the lake.




Meet Olivia from Bowling Green, Ohio!

Olivia just graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. She now works for Marriott International as a Food and Beverage Manager! She says her job in hospitality is perfect because she gets to interact with people from all over the world everyday and learn about new cultures and places.

Olivia is extremely passionate about helping others and making people happy. She is an alumna of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority so she loves to give back to the charities that they support such as the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation and Kappa Kidney Camp.

In Olivia’s free time she likes to go to the beach, shop, be with friends, travel and since she grew up as a competitive figure skater loves to get back on the ice whenever she gets the chance!



Meet Jazmyn from Norman, Oklahoma!

Jazmyn currently goes to college where she is studying Elementary Education. She recently just returned back from Italy where she was doing some student teaching!

In the summer when Jazmyn isn’t in school, you can find her at the golf course working as a beverage cart girl. Aside from that you can expect to see Jazmyn going out to eat with her friends, hammocking and spending time outside!



Meet Josie from Sherwood, Oregon!

Josie recently graduated college with a bachelors of science degree in Exercise Science. After graduating, Josie landed herself a job at a family medical clinic.

Outside of work Josie LOVES to cook. She is always whipping up something new in the kitchen but her favorite thing to make is pasta. When she’s not cooking you’ll most likely find Josie painting or attending a baseball game.



Meet Morgan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Morgan graduated college where she studied nursing and now works at a Children’s Hospital in the Emergency Room. Nursing suits Morgan well because she has developed a passion for helping out those around her throughout the years.

When Morgan isn’t working you can catch her at the gym where she has developed a love for fitness and well-being. She even likes to promote her workouts and fitness over social media as a hobby! 

Rhode Island


Meet Lacey from Newport, Rhode Island!

Lacey is a senior at Salve Regina University where she is studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education. Lacey has a passion for educating the youth so her career path is very fitting! On top of being a full time student, Lacey also does some substitute teaching and student teaches.

Outside of the classroom Lacey likes to participate in pageants where she currently holds the title of Miss New England Petite USA 2022! When Lacey finds the time she also likes to shop, go for hikes and road trip!

South Carolina


Meet Brae-Elise from Charleston, South Carolina!

Brae-Elise is currently in school as a full-time student where she is studying medicine and is on track to be a pediatric psychiatrist. On top of school, she also works part time at a local brewery.

When Brae-Elise steps aside from school and work you’ll find her traveling any chance she can get. She also loves spending time outside where she can surf, run with her dog, or relax and eat pasta on her balcony.

South Dakota


Meet Jayci from Rapid City, South Dakota!

Jayci is currently in school where she is getting her undergrad in Business Administration and majoring in Interior Design and Architecture. On top of being a full time student Jayci works at a coffeehouse near Mt. Rushmore called Grapes & Grinds.

Jayci has a passion to leave a positive impact on others and traveling to see the world. When Jayci gets the time, you can expect her to be hanging out with friends, working out and being outdoors.




Meet Jess from Nashville, Tennessee!

Jess currently works in the digital marketing world in Nashville. She just graduated where she studied business and event management with a minor in marketing so her current job is right up her alley!

When Jess has free time she enjoys working out, traveling, hanging with friends, shopping and tearing up the town of Nashville.



Meet Kellie from Flower Mound, Texas!

Kellie is a behavioral therapist at Autism Response Team Texas. Kellie loves her job! She says she has the best time teaching the most amazing kids and learns just as much from them as they do from her!

Aside from being passionate about working with children with disabilities, Kellie also has a passion for dancing and the apache belles! Kellie has lots of dancing experience and when she gets some free time she loves to hit the town and boogie! 

When Kellie isn’t dancing or working she likes to spend time reading, crafting, painting, taking shots and self tanning.



Meet Mallory from Salt Lake City, Utah!

Mallory currently works as a NICU Nurse at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. She graduated college with a bachelors degree in Nursing and has a passion for caring for those around her.

When Mallory isn’t working she enjoys hanging out with her friends, doing hot yoga, going on hikes/walks and eating some of her favorite foods like pasta, crab and popcorn!



Meet Kiah from Burlington, Vermont!

Kiah has a passion for the nursing field. She graduated college with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing and currently works as a nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center! She enjoys taking the things she knows and trying to help people to the best of her abilities.

When Kiah has time away from the nursing field she likes to spend her time hanging out with friends and family, skiing, going to the lake, traveling and brewery hopping!



Meet Emma from Vienna, Virginia!

Emma is a girl with lots of hobbies! She loves exercising, baking, traveling, trying new cuisines and dancing! In fact, Emma even majored in dance while in college! That along with Business, Emma hopes to one day open up/own her own dance studio!

Emma currently lives in the Arlington/DC area where she works for a Consulting Firm. 



Meet Emily from Deming, Washington!

Emily is recently graduated where she studied Makeup Artistry. She currently works at a restaurant until her next endeavor where she will be heading to Australia to live!

Emily is big on travel! She’s loves to experience the warm sun and beaches everywhere she goes. Along with travel and adventure, Emily also finds interest in creating content, self development, experiencing new bars and restaurants and seeing the love of her life in concert – Shawn Mendes.

West Virginia


Meet Madison from Oak Hill, West Virginia!

Madison is currently in college where she attends Concord University and is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Madison also works at Adventures on the Gorge where she handles events!

When Madison catches a break from school and work you can catch her hanging out with friends, snacking on chips and queso, going to country concerts and watching TikToks!



Meet Kacey from Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Kacey is going into her senior year at St. Norbert College where she is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. On top of being in school Kacey also works as a barista at a local coffee shop in DePere called Tazza!

Kacey is a coffee and travel enthusiast. Her favorite place to travel is key largo and her favorite coffee is a vanilla latte with oat milk! Along with her enthusiasm behind travel and coffee Kacey also likes to golf, run, do yoga and spend time with the people she loves. 



Meet Bobbi from Evanston, Wyoming!

Bobbi graduated from a technical college and got her esthetician license in the beginning of 2021. After graduating she started her own lash tech business where she does lashes, facials and brows full time! Depending on what the future has in store, Bobbi says she might go back to school for her master esthetician.

Outside of running her own business Bobbi loves to spend time paddle boarding, hiking, working out and being involved in the beauty/fashion industry which entails styling outfits and doing makeup.