Our Team

Going on Dates, building the website, creating content, and documenting the journey is more than a one man job and who better to take it all on than the official 50 Dates 50 States team! Meet the crew that make the 50 Dates 50 States experience possible!

Matthew Wurnig

Matt is the creator of 50 Dates 50 States. Before he embarked on this journey Matt went to school at North Dakota State University where he studied sport management with a minor in business. After college, Matt landed a full time job with a baseball team where he was the Director of FUN and handled all of their entertainment.

After a lot of time, energy and effort into 50 Dates 50 States, Matt knew it was time for a new journey and decided to take it on full time. Matt’s mission is to continue to make people smile through his content and create opportunities for those who support him or have played a part in his journey.

John Brandenburg

John graduated from Full Sail University in 2020 with a BS in Digital Cinematography. He has been shooting various types of content for the last 10 years including freelance, corporate and non-profits projects. 

John also spent 11 years in the Army where most of his time was spent working in a public affairs role as both a broadcast and photo journalist. With his passion for filmmaking, he brings his energy and enthusiasm to every project and has been a key part in Season 2 of 50 Dates 50 States.

Alex Winchell

Alex has been Matt’s friend for well over 10 years, and the two graduated high school together. Alex went to school at the University of Minnesota, not too far from North Dakota State University where Matt was in college, and the two frequently saw each other.

In high school, Alex created the online game Politics and War, and after college founded Yellowstone Digital Media, a web design company based out of Billings, Montana.

Currently, Alex is helping manage the website for Matt and 50 Dates 50 States.

Kaitlyn Mack

Kaitlyn is Matt’s sister who is actively helping 50 Dates 50 States as the head designer! She created the 50 Dates 50 States logo when the journey first began and actively helps in merch, business graphics and more behind the scenes activities! 

Kaitlyn currently works remotely from Minnesota for the Bismarck Larks baseball team in North Dakota where she is responsible for enhancing the fan and office experience. Kaitlyn is also a professional MC and host around the Minneapolis area.